Top 10 Dude Reader Comments

Posted: October 28, 2012
Top 10 Dude Reader Comments
  • Rogue from X-Men Costume
  • Magnum Hair Dryer
  • Romance Pants
  • Handerpants
  • Hitch 'Er Up Stripper Pole
  • Bog-O Stunt Skates
  • 55-Gallon Barrel of Lube
  • Direct Hit to the Face
  • Wee-Handed Mitt Romney
  • Zombie Apocalypse Bedding
  • Zip-Up Snow Goggle Coat
  • Top 10 Dude Reader Comments
  • Top 10 Dude Reader Comments

We like your comments. All of them. Even the complaints, the nitpicks, the "Dude, I DON'T want thats!" Speakers of your minds, we acknowledge and thank you all. But some comments have stood out as particularly poignant. They're usually witty, and sometimes they're hilarious. Memorable enough to make our very first list of Top 10 Dude Reader Comments. Thanks again to all commenters--we truly appreciate your clever input.

Honorable Mention. (Because we're wondering too.) Product: Rogue from X-Men Costume. Comment: "How the fuck does the girl get in/out of that thing?" - Nanook

10. Product: The 357 Magnum Gun Hair Dryer. Comment: "Hair products by Yosemite Sam." - Chris Wojcek

9. Product: Romance Pants. Comment: "Did Quagmire invent this?" - tjhawk

8. Product: Handerpants. Comment: "I've already got my hands in my underpants most of the time, anyway...might as well get them their own pair." - Tyler Grant

7. Product: Hitch 'Er Up Stripper Pole. Comment: "Can you pay for it in singles?" - E Michael Cheney

6. Product: Big-O Stunt Skates. Comment: "A whole new way to cause testicular injury!" - Anthony Kristings

5. Product: 55-Gallon Barrel of Lube. Comments (too many merited inclusion): 1. "Some call this a waste of money, I call it one hell of a prostate cancer awareness day." - Jay De Marshall 2. "Let's make porn and chicken at the same time." - Xtian Bowser 3. "One of those wouldn't last a week inside a prison." - Mykal Faircloth

4. Photo: Direct Hit to the Face. Comment: "I ask myself, 'Why is the ball getting bigger? And then it hits me." - Chris Mammon

3. Photo: Wee-Handed Mitt Romney. Comments (again, two were too good not to both make it): 1. "Quick! Take mah strong hand!" "NO! Gimmie your other hand!" "But my other hand isn't strong enough; ya have to take mah little hand!" "No no! I'd rather die!" - Tanner Graham 2. "Trust me, the hand I fist America with will be bigger!" - Heyits MatMan

2. Product: Zombie Apocalypse Bedding. Comment: "My wife can make those kind of sheets for free every month." - Jason Edwards

1. Product: Zip-Up Snow Goggle Coats. Comment: "Thanks for the link. I was originally searching for 'arctic gimp mask' and couldn't find anything. - Dan Reeser

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