Romance Pants

Posted: July 25, 2012
Romance Pants for Red Bull Creation 2012

Team Instructables, evil geniuses o' Romance Pants, I bow down to your ingenuity and hilarity. The legit player's ultimate accessory, Romance Pants dim a room's lighting and raise its stereo volume when their zip fly is pulled down. The seduction continues--though at this point, the wearer has probably advanced beyond the seduction stage--at the unbuttoning of the waist button, which triggers electronically ignited candles. According to TI members, extensive R&D and precisely calibrated technology bequeath Romance Pants with the power of "subtle sensual assault" and the ability to "set the mood to the appropriate level of getting it on." Click on the video icon above to watch the team's equally brilliant and funny recording of the pants in action, as well as a breakdown of how they work.

Team Instructables designed and built their Romance Pants for Red Bull Creation 2012 (voting starts today, by the way, with the winner earning an appearance at Maker Faire NYC), which explains the belt buckle's cheesetastic pair of headbutting toros. They have uploaded the step-by-step instructions for those with the mechanical savvy--or adventurous spirit--to make their own panty-dropping denim dynamo both online and in PDF form over at the Instructables Website.

Romance Pants require a Santa Claus list of nearly 40 ingredients, the first two of which are the ability to attract make-out partners, and kissing skills. As these may be very difficult for some interested parties to obtain, we suggest securing acquisition prior to reading further or downloading the technical instructions. Maybe check out some of the sexy time amplifiers below. Other components include a couple of Arduinos and XBee modules, an AC-VX fan controller, a 38 mhz IR receiver, and a host of nuts, bolts, and conduits.

Team members integral to the entrance of Romance Pants into the world of Don Juans, smooth talkers, pimps, sneaky SOBs, and John Mayer types who inexplicably manage to land hot chicks all the time, include Amanda Ghassaei, Audrey Love, Jake Rogers, and Randy Sarafan.

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