Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit

By: on August 09, 2013
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UD Replicas makes some sick motorcycle suits, agreed? But although many send happy rushes of dopamine through our bodies during viewing, actually wearing them for anything but Halloween or Comic-Con could come across as a little...cartoonish. To be tactful. The Dark Knight homages are at least subtler in black, but [cue end of being tactful] get a load of their Captain America suit. I can only assume it was intended for pretty ponies who want to get laughed off the road (at best) or have the ever loving patriotic duty kicked out of them (more likely) by serious bikers who feel the sissy man getup is making a mockery of their chosen lifestyle.

And at first glance, I might say the same thing about the pictured Stormtrooper gear. Kind of kitschy. Kind of costumey. Yet still kind of motherfucking awesome. Come on, this isn't some corn fed pretty boy mess of red, white, and blue, this is Star Wars. This is an empire that unilaterally transcends social constructs and defies girly manness. If I wore the Captain America suit out of my house, there's a 70% chance I'd come home shamed and bloody. If I wore the Stormtrooper suit to the grimiest, surliest, most gangsta biker bar in Bogota, Colombia, I bet I'd come home with nothing but a bottle of their finest rum and the sting of high-fives on my hand.

UD Replicas is running stormtrooper motorcycle suit pre-sales through August 31, 2013, with delivery between October and December 2013. Full suits include the pictured jacket, pants, gloves, and boots, in either Imperial White or Black. Each of those items is also available for individual purchase. Suit details include:

  • Raised ribs on the sleeves, shoulders, legs, torso, and midsection to replicate the look of rigid armor.
  • Adjustable forearms, biceps, thighs, and shin leather armor for a more personalized body fit.
  • Jacket and Pants optionally zip together at the waist for conversion to a one-piece body suit.
  • Removable quilted cotton lining.
  • CE-approved, removable body armor in the shoulders, forearms/elbow, back/spine, thighs, and knees/shins armor is standard for riders.
  • Made from grade-A cowhide.
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