Betty Beauty Dye for Hair Down There

Posted: April 08, 2016
Betty Beauty Dye for Hair Down There
$14.99 - $19.99
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Whether you're going gray, going to a rave, or going a little kinky in the bedroom, Betty has you covered. Well, your pubic hair anyway.

Betty Beauty's Dye for the Hair Down There comes in your standard Blonde, Brown, Black, and Crazy Redhead, but also kicks things up a hue or two with some more adventurous color choices. Red. Orange. Blue. Hot Pink. I know below-the-waist baldness has been the norm for years now, but I say go for it, ladies. Haven't you heard the rainbow under-kitty is all the rage in hairstyles right now?

Betty Beauty Down There dyes are made with natural, safe, and, most importantly, no-drip ingredients. They even come with private parts stencils so you don't end up with lips and balls that are literally hot pink and electric blue. Yes, that's right, dudes. Don't think Betty hasn't considered your genitals' needs to stand out and be different too.

Dyes are semi-permanent and ammonia- and paraben-free. Each kit includes enough color for 1 - 2+ applications, obviously dependent on how thriving of a bush you've got. Ingredients include elder flower, cherry bark, chamomile, comfrey, rosemary, and aloe.

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