Stubble Buddy Beard & Manscaping Vacuum

Posted: July 12, 2021
Stubble Buddy Beard & Manscaping Vacuum
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Um, is that McDreamy hawking the Stubble Buddy beard and manscaping vacuum? If so, sorry this is what life dealt you after the Grey's Anatomy kill-off.

If not, damn to the dude who's a Patrick Dempsey doppelganger! You and your stubble must get so much ass.

So the Stubble Buddy itself. It's basically a mini vacuum - much like this one or this one for your countertop and desktop - that's been given a grooming tool spin. Or rather, post-grooming tool spin. Its makers say the handheld vac for shaved facial and...other regional hair will keep you from getting into "stubble trouble," with any ladies you share your bathroom with, and also possibly your sink drain and plumbing pipes.

Stubble Buddy cleans hair and pube trimmings from bathroom counters, sinks, and floors with sucking power controlled by a USB-rechargeable battery. It really only works on flat surfaces - so not the curves and crevices of your sink or drains. And it picks up dry hair only - so if you wet shave or shave in the shower, you'll have to either let it dry first before applying Stubble Buddy, or just stick with your current method of leaving it there for someone else to clean up.

The latter is not McDreamy-approved.

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