Morninghead: Man's 5-Second Hairstylist

Posted: February 07, 2012
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Sometimes, the last thing you want to wake up to is morning head. It's unruly and it's hard to handle, yet it must be calmed before leaving the house. It especially must be calmed before facing your ball buster of a boss and his smokin' hot administrative assistant. So you stick your head under the faucet to wet and tame the offending strands. And then one of several disgruntling things happens:

  1. The water is too hot, and you crack your skull against the faucet retracting it too quickly.
  2. The water is too cold, and you crack your skull against the faucet retracting it too quickly.
  3. The water is just right, but you crack your skull against the faucet all the same, because you're still half asleep and don't have full command of your proprioception yet.
  4. You bypass cranial injury, but slosh dripping water all over your crotch, thus requiring you to change pants, or use your wife's hair dryer to make presentable your nether regions.

Kickstarter entrepreneur Max Valvarde has an elegantly simple, 5-second solution to all of the potential false starts above. His Morninghead stylist is a cap lined with a proprietary, super-absorbent cloth material that drinks up a few ounces of water, and distributes them evenly across its surface. Users can then put on the Morning Head like a shower cap, scrunch the water through their hair, and easily ready tresses for smoothing. No more sopping wet follicles, no more water oozing down your face and onto your clothes, and no more bending over and risking a concussion. It's like a ShamWow! for your head.

Once the cap is removed, styling perfectly dampened hair takes mere seconds. For people who shower at night, for people who sleep through their alarms, for people awakened at 2 a.m. by a phone call from the girl in 4F wondering if they can be downstairs in 5 minutes, Morninghead is for you.

Wring the cap out completely after each use, and it will last for up to 30 go-arounds.

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