Helmfon Noise-Cancelling Helmet

Posted: July 16, 2017
Helmfon Noise-Cancelling Helmet

Looks like Helmfon Jr. is playing with Daddy's noise-cancelling helmet again. Don't worry, kiddo, you'll grow into Darth Helmfon's sound absorber and privacy sphere soon enough. And then all the power of the Audibly Dark Side will be yours.

The Helmfon is a prototype for an active sound-sucking system. Shaped and worn like a helmet, the Helmfon's walls are built to completely reflect outside sound waves so the wearer can work without interference from external noise.

Similarly, the Helmfon blocks any sounds generated inside it - music, movies, conversations, sniffles, snorts, belches, and chomping on a bag of Cape Cod kettle chips - to extend its silencing service to those around the Helmfon wearer too. Speaking of movies, on top of its foamed polyethylene stuffing, the helmet is also equipped with a media board, including mic, speakers, magnifier, and smartphone holder. So you can watch movies and videos, make and take calls, or even Skype conference to make further use of that big ol' inside.

When available for purchase, the Helmfon will come in a variety of colors and customization options, including a helmet with Batman ears, and one with a Cyclops Minion eye. Dude. This is the craziest shit I've seen all month. If a noise-cancelling giant human Funko head isn't the craziest shit you've seen all month, then...you have been looking at some crazy shit. Please tell me about it here.

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