Skully HUD Motorcycle Helmet

Posted: October 25, 2013

Who wants to beta test Skully's forthcoming heads up display motorcycle helmet? All you have to do is slide it on (or if you're me, shoe horn your melon head into it), launch its Synapse-integrated HUD system brimming with navigation, statistical, and blind spot data, hop on your bike, and crash it full-speed into either a straw, stick, or brick wall. This time the smart little piggies will go with straw, yeah?

Just kidding about that last part. No collisions, por favor. But Skully really is seeking beta testers to receive a pre-release of their P-1 helmet, officially hitting the crotch rocket market in 2014. Lucky sons of guinea pigs who are chosen will get to take the following DOT/ECE-certified helmet and HUD perks for a spin:

  • 180-Degree Rear View Camera. Skully P-1's integrated rear view camera feeds back and side video to the HUD, providing riders with comprehensive situational awareness.
  • Navigation. Skully Nav displays GPS mapping and point-to-point directions before your eyes so you can keep them on the road, or the full C-cup jogging by in one of those new Victoria's Secret sports bras, instead of the scrawled Post-It stuck to your fuel gauge.
  • Connection. The P-1 helmet also syncs with riders' smartphones via Bluetooth pairing and voice control. This enables music selection, text messaging, phone calling, and destination changes in Skully Nav with entirely hands-free, vocal commands.

The helmet itself is a tri-composite shell filled with 3D laser-cut foam, intended to be lightweight and aerodynamic. Face shields have anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-glare properties.

May 2015 Update: Beta testing complete. You can now pre-order the Skully helmet for an anticipated 2015 delivery.

August 2016 Update: According to a Dude reader tip (and TechCrunch) Skully has shut down. As I write this, their website was still operational, and online ordering system still seemingly functional, but I am still listing the helmet as Discontinued so no one inadvertently orders a product they never see. At least not from Skully.

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