LightMode Bike Helmet EL Kits

Posted: November 02, 2014
LightMode Bike Helmet EL Kits
$69 - $72
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We've seen simultaneous nods to motorcycle safety and TRON light cycles with bike wheel lights. LightMode kits propose something similar with bike helmet lights. More specifically, ropes of EL material riders DIY around their protective wear for 360-degree visibility. With constant glow and blinking setting selections, LightMode aims to support both rider safety and, according to the video, rider ability to pique the interest of incredibly hot Asian girls.

LightMode installations are powered by an included controller that runs on 2 x AA batteries. When using 2000 mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries, the unit should function for around 13 hours at a time.

LightMode kits come in styles Electron and Proton. The primary difference between the two is the length of EL wire and EL Tape included. Since bike helmets have an array of unique features and contours, EL Tape may not suit a desired design, so while the Electron kit contains 3 meters of wire and 50 cm of tape, the Proton kit has 4.5 meters of wire and no EL Tape.

All EL materials affix permanently to helmets with specially crafted and combined adhesives. Kits also include a curved adhesive mount, design string for mapping your preferred EL pattern, and an instructional video. LightMode Electron kits come in 5 different colors and Proton kits in 7 different colors.

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