Bell Rogue Helmet

Posted: June 12, 2015
Bell Rogue Helmet
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They say Bell's Rogue motorcycle helmet looks kind of like a cross between Darth Vader and Mad Max. And even if you disagree, you can make the comparison true with a paint job and a few mods to the helmet's smooth, surface-rich composite shell. This guy did. This one too. But most riders will probably wear the Rogue as is, for what it is: a sturdy half helmet with a sweet muzzle, both purposefully built to protect the only thing you'll be wearing that's even better looking than they are.

You know, your face.

Bell has fitted its lightweight helmet base with a plush interior liner that's removable and washable when it starts to smell like you've been wearing it on the wrong end. Also removable is the adjustable muzzle, which attaches and detaches with a FidLock magnetic connection. In place, the muzzle will shield your face from wind, cold, bugs, and recognition by the girl whose bed you might have maybe sneaked out of at 3 a.m. and then never called again a few weeks ago.

Available in XS through 3XL, Bell Rogue helmets also have 3 x shell and EPS sizes to further promote comfort and dome fit. They come in about 10 different color/matte/glossy styles, plus a Corey Miller War Eagle edition.

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