Bob Ross Funko Pop Figure

Posted: June 15, 2017
Bob Ross Funko Pop Figure
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Funko has decided to turn Bob Ross into one of their Pop! figures. Finally, Ross! You had to wait 22 years after your death to receive this honor, but, as it does when painting happy little clouds and trees, patience pays off. Check out your paint palette. Your double-denim threads. Your permed afro immortalized in vinyl!

This must be the Bob Ross photo Funko used to make their figurine. I sure wish his gold chain and medallion hadn't gotten left out, but I guess since the Pop! aesthetic is to pretend necks aren't a part of the human body it's understandable.

The Funko Pop! Bob Ross was available for pre-order at printing, with delivery expected to begin in September 2017. If you think it might be a little weird to buy a Bob Ross action figure, just remember what Bob Ross once said: "There's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend." I'm sure he'd say the same about a vinyl replica of himself.

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