Tatooine Sand Watch

Posted: September 07, 2014
Tatooine Sand Watch
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The Tatooine Sand Watch isn't just a wristwatch made with actual sand (a feat in and of itself), it's a wristwatch made with actual Tatooine sand. Collected directly from the desert planet's own grounds. Also known as the Star Wars Tatooine film set in Naftah, Tunisia. And in addition to feeding the hungry eyes of Star Wars collectors, this limited edition set of watches will also support an honorable Jedi cause: proceeds from their sale will be donated to an enthusiast fan group working to restore the faltering Tatooine "igloos" so the set will remain in a condition that future generations can tour and enjoy.

New Hampshire designer Mary Moynihan and her team already made one edition of custom Tatooine Sand Watches a few years ago for those rehabbing the Tatooine film set. So even though they are running this second series as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, backers can at least be assured they have the logistics, construction, and production of the watch down. Each is hand-built with a custom case made of solid 316L medical-grade steel, Seiko-Epson quartz movement, custom leather band, and an internal capsule filled with a bit of Luke Skywalker's hometown. Moynihan stresses that they have worked hard to make the Sand Watches fine timepieces, not just kitschy novelties.

One testament to her assertion is the watch's encapsulated film set sand. Moynihan says hers is the "only company who has successfully sealed a particulate matter, like sand, in a fine wristwatch." They've contained it inside the watch Display Capsule, but the sand still falls loose around the Tatooine Aurebesh dial when worn.

Four models of Tatooine Sand Watches will be produced, differentiated by the design on their laser-engraved rear covers. Pledge for yours on Kickstarter through October 2, 2014.

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