Steampunk LED Watch

Posted: June 19, 2012
Man Wearing Steampunk LED Watch
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It's retro-tinged apocalyptic future meets trippy Japanese wristwatch trend in this Steampunk LED Watch. Doctor Who prop maker Nick Robatto conceived and fabricated the chunky cuff from real 4mm leather, resin and brass powder, and brass rivets, nuts, and bolts in his Cardiff laboratory of animal hides, precious metals, and multi-dimensional mayhem. Inside the brass resin case lie 72 separate red and blue LEDs, which flicker a greeting when activated, and then settle into their time display, illuminating the hour in lights from the top row of 12, and individual minutes in the bottom five rows of 12. It's an abacus-loving Time Lord's dream come true!

In addition to one-potato-ing out the time, I understand Robatto's Steampunk Watch also tracks the date, as well as the whereabouts of the TARDIS.

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