Pebble E-Paper Smartphone Watch

By: on February 01, 2013
$79.99 - $95
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One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time, the Pebble E-Paper watch for iPhones and Androids have stormed through large-scale production and sale. The self-proclaimed "infinitely customizable" timepiece has multiple options available to anyone eager to connect via Bluetooth and wrist to their smartphone's incoming calls, emails, messages, and apps.

A minimalist design complements handy Pebble functions, the most basic of which include silently vibrating to alert wearers of calls and messages (just shake your wrist to make it stop), caller ID functions, and, thanks to its electronic-paper (e-paper) properties, numerous changeable watchfaces. You'll have a watch theme to match your every mood, which is almost as good as having a car or girl or flavor of Doritos to match your every mood. Almost.

Pebble apps further diversify the watch's powers with functions such as:

  • Doubling as a bike computer for cyclists.
  • Accessing the GPS on a smartphone to display speed, distance, and pace data for both cars and runners.
  • Controlling smartphone music and playlists.
  • Connecting to over 25,000 golf courses worldwide with a rangefinder app.
  • Serving as a silent, vibrating alarm and timer.
  • Monitoring sleep with Pebble's accelerometer, and backing up the information online.

Developers and solo programmers can also use Pebble's SDK, with its Arduino-like abstractions and simple C structure, to take more commanding control of the watch. And perhaps, in turn, the world.

Pebbles currently come in Jet Black, Arctic White, Cherry Red, and Pink. All colors worn by ballers who know what time it is.

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