Passages - The William Shatner Watch

By: on November 28, 2013
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Now, is the Passages the kind of Shatner watch that can command an Enterprise, or the kind of Shatner watch that encourages you to name the price you'll pay for it, and if there are any left in stock, it's yours? Well, maybe a little of both. Created in collaboration with Egard Watch Company founder Ilan Srulovicz, the Passages watch incorporates both men's vision of time--one they have expressed as time elapsing with the artistic depiction of the sun and moon on the Sun and Moon model's face, as well as time spanning infinitely with a sprinkling of authentic asteroid dust on its dial. Passages wearers are meant to feel as if they are wearing a piece of the universe past, present, and future, on their wrists. How very ambitious and...Star Trek Generations...of a watch.

And the Priceline connection? Well, pledge for a Passages Limited Edition watch during its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and you'll receive yours for about a third of its eventual $1,199 retail price. (Srulovicz noted Egard is able to offer this discount by passing along the watch directly to consumers, without distributers, retailers, and additional marketing expenses. Goodbye overhead, hello $1,200 wrist bauble for $400.)

Srulovicz joined forces with Shatner after the latter saw an Egard timepiece on fellow actor Casper Van Dien. Uh, through Van Dien's Twitter account. The Captain is a Follower. At first, Shatner just wanted to buy some watches, but after a meeting with Srulovicz, the Egard founder says, "There was a strong connection because of my intensity to what some might call an obsession with time: Mr. Shatner related to it." The rest is history. And the future. And right now.

Passages watches also come in a black-and-white Hearts and Passions model. All watches are engraved with William Shatner's signature on the back. Cases have scratch-resistant crystal fronts and backs, plus an AR coating on the front glass to significantly reduce reflections at all angles. They are water-resistant up to 50 meters. Crowdfunding runs through December 27, 2013.

Running through December 1, 2013: Dude's current watch giveaway! It's not the Passages, but the choices of wood watch up for grabs from Original grain is analogously unique and elegant. And it has the added bonus of providing instant and free gratification to the winner, who will have his or her choice of style in hand by Christmas. Click here to enter.

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