Math Dial Watch

Posted: December 31, 2017
Math Dial Watch

The Math Dial Watch rings in the New Year not with a 12, not with a midnight, and not with Alexa's response to, "What time is it?" For all the numbers nerds out there, the Math Dial Watch has a formula for your 2018, and every midnight within it. Hint: it's a times table.

And it only gets better from there.

Two o'clock on the Math Dial Watch is printed as the square root (symbol) of 4. Three o'clock is 198 divided by 66. And 9 o'clock may be the best of all: 3(Pi - .14). (Though the nerdiest of the numbers nerds would argue that the solution to that equation is actually later than 9.)

The Math Dial Watch comes in a 42mm round polished chrome case that clasps to the wrist with a stainless steel mesh band. It also comes in a fancy box since (27 / 3) / (84 - 74) people will probably buy the Math Dial Watch as a gift for a geek.

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