Kisai Sensai LED Watch

By: on February 01, 2012
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Japanese timepiece titan Tokyoflash turns mere watches into laser light shows for the wrist. The Kisai Sensai is one of their more sci-fi looking models, though they also carry LED complements for club kids, gamers, and artistes. Despite looking like a prop designer's arbitrary configuration of colors and dots for the Total Recall remake, this watch does actually tell time, and isn't too difficult to decipher once you know what to look for. Oh, and gain proficiency at your numero 5 times table.

The bottom two arcs of red dots--12 of them--light up according to the hour. The middle rows of green dots light up at increments of 5 minutes, and the top arc of yellow dots, at increments of 1 minute. So 6 red dots, 4 green dots, and 1 yellow dot would make the time 6:21. Or, time to stop hitting the snooze button. 3 red dots, 2 green dots, and 4 yellow dots: 3:14. Time to get an hour or so of work in between Facebooking and leaving for the day. 5 red dots, 3 green dots, 2 yellow dots: 5:17. Cheers.

The Kisai Sesai is fabricated from high grade aluminum and coated with an alumite finish for that robot from outer space look. A black acrylic lens covers the LEDs. Color choices include black and silver, both for the watch and the band.

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