Genie 03 Watch with Pop-Up Speedometer

Posted: January 23, 2015
Genie 03 Watch with Pop-Up Speedometer
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Rub on this Genie's house and out pops...a speedometer. It won't grant you 3 wishes, but the unexpected component of Breva's latest watch isn't a total anticlimax either. When in use, the Genie 03's pop-up speedometer rises 6mm above its case to calculate your speed on a bike, motorcycle, speedboat, or running really fast with arms pumping and flailing trying to escape your friend Cornelius dressed up like a butterfly. Dammit Cornelius, it's a legitimate fear and it's not funny!

The Genie 03 claims to be the first timepiece with a functional speedometer able to provide accurate readouts in real-time. Breva credits the technology to their patented "instant speed" measurement mechanism, possibly trumped only by a proprietary extrusion mechanism that enables the device to Go-Go Gadget upward during speed detection. The speedometer's makeup consists of 45 components within a Titanium G5 housing. Together they are capable of reading speeds of 10 to 125 mph, indicated by a red hand moving against printed inner indexes and an engraved lacquered external field. The Genie 03 is also water resistant to 30 meters, whether or not the speedometer is open or closed.

And the rest of the watch looks pretty cool too.

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