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By: on March 06, 2013
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I know I've said this before, but my cache of interesting stories is running dry so here we go again: someone recently told me that schools no longer teach kids to read analog clocks because kids all have digital watches and cell phones for determining the time now. I did not verify this information via Snopes or anything, but I believe it because that sounds about right for the underachieving, freeloading youth of today. I'm glad to see that Japan, a country that believes in both changing with the times and work ethic, isn't letting this intellectual indolence run unchecked. Instead of allowing wearers to passively read its output of digital time, the Kisai X cryptography-inspired LED wristwatch forces them to lube up their brains and decode it.

A mineral crystal pyramid lens houses the Kisai X's temporal designation--in this case, abstract LED line formations that glow the hours from top to bottom and minutes from left to right. Note: I do hope the watch includes a key to its highly stylized interpretation of Arabic numerals for those of us who have already done the whole elementary school thing and proven our worth to society. Because I can't decode a single number. Even after watching the animated example on Tokyoflash's Website, both while sober and high.

The Kisai X also includes decodable date and alarm functions, as well as an optionally-activated animation setting that alights the display in an Irish jig once every 10 minutes between 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight. The watch's battery is USB rechargeable, with each full charge lasting around a month. As with most Tokyoflash timepieces, the Kisai X comes in an assortment of LED and band colors.

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Piet Hein Eek Tube Watch

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Anti-Kidnapping Watch Band

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Mark Greenman has seen the TIHK and raised it a ceramic razor blade, a 4' Kevlar friction saw, and one trip to the lower hemisphere. In his own words: I designed the A-K Band because I plan on traveling to South America...

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Recon 6 Utility Watch

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Tesla Watch

$59.99 from ThinkGeek »

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Ritot Projection Watch

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August 2014 Update: Sadly, it appears that the Ritot watch is yet another crowdfunding scam. Thanks to commenter Bea Foroni for posting this article summarizing why Ritot technology isn't currently possible, and the bizarre...

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Iron Samurai Blue LED Watch

$7.90 from Amazon »

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iWatch 2

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The Bradley Tactile Watch

$285 - $395 from Amazon »

Although I'm largely an insensitive bastard, even I was puzzled to hear that visually impaired people currently have only 2 types of watches available to them: those that talk, and those with removable covers that allow...

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Grindrite Weed Watch

$39.99 from Vaporite »

I thought it would do something cutesy like stay frozen on 4:20, but nay. The Grindrite keeps real time too! Though usually after a few tokes of the good stuff my friend Victor procures I'm not really able to comprehend...

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HM6 Space Pirate Watch

$230k from MB&F »

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