Analog Wood Watches

By: on December 28, 2014
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Upcycling and eco-friendly practices are fast becoming commonplace in the design world. Sometimes even with results that aren't an abomination to the eye. Like Analog Watch Co.'s wood watches, which, on the contrary, look as classy and complementary as they act responsibly toward the materials comprising them. All of the woods used to craft the Philly-based company's watches are sourced from lumber off-cuts around the world--wood that would otherwise end up in the waste stream. And in addition to their A+ aesthetics and environmental diligence, Analog watches tout a precisely engineered design and what they say is the first ever soft, flexible wooden watch band.

All Analog watches are naturally 80% biodegradable and come in recyclable packaging. Furthering the company's commitment to the environment, Analog Watch Co. promises to plant a tree through their nonprofit partner, Trees for the Future, for each timepiece they sell. Their Carpenter collection of watches, all fitted with Japanese quartz movements, includes:

  • Makore & Red Sanders. A flexible Makore strap meets a solid Red Sanders body with silver finishing.
  • Teak & Bamboo. The strap is teak, the body Bamboo for a light-meets-dark wood look with gold finishing.
  • Silverheart & Maple. You know the pattern. Silverheart strap, Maple body. This watch also has silver finishes to complement its beachy blonde look.
  • Leather & Blackwood. The only non-wood strap of the bunch, this Analog combines a soft, dark leather strap with a rich chocolatey brown to dark black Blackwood body (shades vary). The L&B has gold finishing.

Each style in Analog's Carpenter collection comes in a choice of Marked (i.e., hash marks designating each hour) or Unmarked.

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