The Christmas Car Tree

Posted: November 03, 2017
The Christmas Car Tree

If your wife won't let you Clark Griswald it up with a 20' Christmas tree in the house, take your desire to overdo it exuberant holiday spirit on the road with a Christmas Car Tree. The rooftop tannenbaum gives your car another 2-1/2' of height and an immeasurable amount of cheer visible from at least a quarter mile away.

Maybe more at night when you fire up the Christmas Car Tree's 70 multi-colored LED lights.

Sure, it's a little flashy, might not be Charlie Brown-approved, and will probably get stolen or "chopped down" within 3 days, but 'tis the season of extravagance, dammit. Why shouldn't you splurge on the world's only car top Christmas tree?

And on the upshot, the Christmas Car Tree probably won't fall off and smash through another driver's windshield when you're doing 85 to replenish your party's eggnog supply - it secures to the roof with a patent-pending system of heavy duty straps, a roof rack, rubberized hooks, and suction cups. They say that's so it won't scratch or dent your car either.

The Christmas Car Tree also folds down flat for garage / low clearance areas, and is water- and snow-proof.

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