The Daddle Dad Saddle

By: on February 03, 2015
  • The Daddle Dad Saddle
  • The Daddle Dad Saddle
  • The Daddle Dad Saddle
  • The Daddle Dad Saddle
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Pardon my language, but you have got to be Fraggle Rockin' me. A Daddle? Have we really entered an age in which grown ass men are relegated to their hands and knees, serving as equestrian play toys for their entitled children ("Only 'til we can afford a real pony, Sugar Britches!")? What happened to Man of the House? What happened to respect? More importantly, who named this the Daddle? I mean, yeah, it's a dad saddle, but it's also pretty darn close to another word. Swap that "a" for an "i" and you've got something I think most parents would rather not associate with the father-child relationship.

Still want a Daddle? OK, here's the rundown. It's a soft, stuffed saddle that straps to your back. It has adjustable stirrups and a horn on top for stability when Daddy's in a bucking mood. The Daddle is recommended for use by children ages 2 to 6, but I bet naughty mommies could take a ride on it too.

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The Best Gifts for Mom & Dad

What gift to give the people who gave you the gift of life? I've got a few Mom & Dad gift ideas for those of you who want to go beyond the Whitman's Sampler Boxes and bathrobes, jumbo cans of mixed nuts and multi-packs...

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The Best Gifts for Men

It's Gifts for Men Go Time. And by "Go Time" I mean "Buy. Buy! Buy! Time." Lucky for you, I know all the best gifts for the dudes, dads, sweeties, and sirs on your list, because I spend all year looking for loot you can...

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The Dadbag Beer Belly Fanny Pack

By: Dadbag »

The Dadbag beer belly fanny pack is right up there with the Sexy Chest Swimsuit in its ability to create a fiesta of discomfort, with a few streamers of sick fascination, before my eyes. The Baby Head Masks used to do...

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Watch Your Junk - Advice for Expectant Fathers

$9.99 from Amazon »

The best part about Watch Your Junk and Other Advice for Expectant Fathers isn't that the irreverent guide to dadhood is as fun of a read as it is informative. It's not that it covers topics other baby books ignore, or...

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Skoda Man-Pram

By: Skoda »

At the end of the day, you'll still be a dude pushing around a baby...or a pomeranian...in a stroller, but at least with Skoda's Man-Pram you can mow the fuck over anyone who gives you shit about it....

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Lalabu Dad Shirt

$75 from Amazon »

The Lalabu Dad Shirt is a different kind of Dadbag. One that some men will consider just as big of a joke, but that others, such dudes with infants who find themselves piling on as much gear as they once did for a weeklong...

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$42.99 - $89.99 from Amazon »

Mmmm. Munching on some spicy coated peas from my Sir Racha ManBucket to kick off Saturday morning. To be followed immediately, or whenever my girlfriend says it's ready, by a bacon, mushroom & cheddar frittata drizzled...

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Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

$12 from Amazon »

We've seen dudes with horse head masks and we've seen squirrels with big head feeders, so to complete the triangle of masks and garden critter nourishment, Archie McPhee obviously had to create a Horse Head Squi

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Horse Head Pillow

$45 from Kropserkel »

One-upping the severed horse head pillowcase: Kropserkel's severed Horse Head Pillow. It's morbid, yet surprisingly plush and comfortable, revenge in 3D! Send one to the vegetarian who always launches into a lecture about...

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Unicorn Head Mask

$23.79 from Amazon »

Product literature describes the Magical Unicorn Mask, a whole-head extravaganza of latex, as "vaguely disturbing." Uh, vaguely? For me, a mythical creature whose facial expression sort of makes it look like it's being...

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Benny the Jumping Bull Inflatable Hopper

$24.95 - $29.99 from Amazon »

Dude! Where was Benny the Jumping Bull and his sick Zorro mask when I was a kid in need of a sidekick (and means of transportation!) for acting out my superhero fantasies? And look. That little girl in the photo isn't...

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Experimenting with Babies

$12.80 from Amazon »

Nope, Experimenting with Babies is not a Carps & Angsty Manatee card. Nor is it, to the disappointment of at least one Amazon reviewer, a book of "information about surgical experiments intended to transform the baby...