Spider-Man Bed Cover

By: on June 11, 2013
  • Spider-Man Bed Cover
  • Spider-Man Bed Cover
  • Spider-Man Bed Cover
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My Spidey Sense says that Robin would risk being labeled a traitor and facing legal action due to copyright infringement in order to take a siesta in this bed. Especially on lonely, pouty nights when Bruce brings home a lady friend and makes him go sleep in a different wing of the Wayne mansion. Just don't tell the poor guy it's a Spider-Man bed cover, and not the warm, comforting lap of Spider-Man himself.

In what is probably their best call to date, Incredibeds has created a line of twin bed sleeves that zip around mattress sets in the likenesses of the Marvel Comics Super Hero Squad. The Amazing Spider-Man is their first release in the series. Covers have hypoallergenic stuffed heads, which is good since all children today are allergic to all elements of their environments, as well as webbed feet and huge, huggable arms ready to console and wipe away tears from kiddos who have had a nightmare, an altercation with the fat bully in the lunchroom, or an otherwise terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

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