NOMIS Kid Piggybacker

Posted: February 01, 2014
NOMIS Kid Piggybacker
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In many ways, this NOMIS Piggyback Rider for kids up to 7 years old! is a total crock. If I have to walk 18 blocks from where we parked to the PAX entrance, why should whiny little punk Treyton get to hitch a ride on his dad's back? However, I will not demand the carrier's obliteration because I do acknowledge that given Treyton's whininess, littleness, and punkness, if his dad were to force him to suck it up and walk, it would take us at least 3 times longer to get to PAX, and I would have to regularly whop Treyton over the head with my Hyrulian shield to encourage him to shut up and keep going along the way.

NOMIS Piggyback Riders include a harness, hand hold straps, a wide aluminum foot bar, and a sternum slider for both child safety and stability and parent comfort. Able to fold down to the size of a rolled towel and unravel to accommodate kids up to 60 pounds, the carrier makes it easier to tote tykes along on hikes or day trips that would normally be too much for them. Its calibrated weight distribution design allows volunteer human pack mules to walk naturally and upright, and their kiddie cargo to stand tall while taking in a full view over the mule's shoulders.

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