Skuuzi Beer Glove

By: on December 16, 2012
  • Skuuzi Beer Glove
  • Skuuzi Beer Glove
  • Skuuzi Beer Glove
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Of course I don't need a mitten-koozie hybrid so that I may drink chilled alcoholic beverages in freezing temperatures, one right after another like the gluttonous, midwestern lush that I am, without rendering my delicate fingers too cold to maintain a proper grip on my aluminum King of Beers can. That's not why I want a Skuuzi.

Yeah, you're right. That is why I want a Skuuzi.

The Scandinavian koozie and its simple "Hands warm, beverages cold" concept were conceived and created in Iceland. Which, based on the impression I have conjured in my head about the quirky, offbeat, happy-go-lucky nature of the Icelandic peoples, makes perfect sense. I envision a group of 20-something girls from Reykjavik with pale skin and Eskimo eyes and cod fish light fixtures relaxing in one of their country's iconic natural phenomena, up to the elbow in a handmade, soft wool blend Skuuzi, sipping on a glass of Brennivin*. And I say, "Ladies, may I slide on one of my own shorn-sheep designs and partake in your merriment?" And then I realize I am actually in a Pacific Northwest coffee shop and everyone is staring at me. But it's fine because all the people out here are just as weird and diagnosed as on the autism spectrum as I am.

Skuuzis support Fair Trade through an Artisan Cooperative Union.

*Iceland's signature liquor, made from fermented potato mash and flavored with caraway seeds. According to Wikipedia, "It has a strong taste, a high alcohol content (37.5% ABV), and a dubious reputation. It is often associated with alcoholism." A dubious reputation? That word is my dangling carrot. One Skuuzi, and one bottle of Brennivin, please.