Wine Purse

Posted: March 20, 2015
Wine Purse
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So is this why women carry around purses the size of their chest cavities? They're packing 3 liters of wine (with complete tapping system!) everywhere they go?

The Baggy Wine Coat was designed to replace the box of bag-in-box wines with a more stylish, and less obvious, exterior. Whether you're embarrassed you still heart Franzia or are just trying to make Easter Mass slightly more bearable on the DL, this wine purse accepts bags from any 3L bag-in-box wine (or juices, sodies, and self-made cocktails stored in a disposable beverage bag.) It even has a little extra space left over for an ice pack and some lip gloss.

The Baggy Wine Coat has a rubber bottom to hold it upright on tabletops and lawns, and the purse itself is adjustable via rolling or folding its belt. Available in colors black, white, and red.

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