Pleasure Products Organizer

Posted: December 23, 2013
Pleasure Products Organizer
$29 - $69
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This one's for the ladies. I think. It's hard to keep track of who likes what anymore.

Ladies and maybe gentlemen, this is MUA. It's pronounced mwah! Like a kiss. To any part of the body, courtesy of whatever electrical or manually operated device with which you choose to supplement the kissing experience. Oh, you don't have any of that kind of stuff? Well, that means one of three things. 1) You're lying. Yes you do. 2) You're too young to be reading this. Go away. 3) You're missing out, probably due to a lack of discreet pleasure product storage and, in turn, fear that nosy fingers will find your stash of unmentionables.

MUA Pleasure Products Organizer seeks to change the lives of those in #3 above, make it easier--and classier--for those in #1 to carry on with their dishonesty, and ensure those in #2 are none the wiser. Because, as I think anyone with children can attest with regard to #2, few sights are worse than walking in on Albie Jr. running around the living room, pretending to be Han Solo, and firing a dildo blaster.

MUA creator Lidia Bonilla conceived her sleek sex toy storage box subsequent to an embarrassing incident with a professional organizer who discovered her personal collection of toys. She wanted a secure, functional, and inconspicuous solution to the problem of both inadvertent reveals and snooping. The resultant MUA will exist as two parts: a zippered and partitioned soft case for travel; and a larger lacquer box with a combination lock. Boxes have a gap in the back for charging toys while closed, and space inside for secure storage of the soft case for those who own both.

MUA Pleasure Products Organizers seek Kickstarter crowdfunding through December 26, 2013. Cases come in Black and Eggplant colors, and boxes in Eggplant and Smoke. Cases alone require a $29 pledge. Obviously the lacquer box-case combo is going for $69.

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