GOBAG Vacuum Compressible Carry-On

By: on June 16, 2015
$164 - $203
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You could just get some of those Ziploc vacuum travel bags to pair with the Hoover in sucking out all the air from your clothes, but GOBAG would like to make a case for pledging your support to their carry-on duffel and its own vacuum compression technology. GOBAG is an airline-approved piece of carry-on luggage whose Max Pack Bag endeavors to allow any traveler to condense a full vacation's worth of items into a 35-liter suitcase.

The outer GOBAG shell is made of just 2 pieces of TPU-coated ballistic nylon, chosen for its simplicity, robustness, and potential to serve its users for a lifetime. The pieces connect with the Full Edge Zip, a 6-1/2' long YKK model that runs along the outer edge of the bag's front and side panels to keep more close to its opening points. GOBAG suggests this reduces the amount of digging you'll have to do to find stuff, though I wonder if it also increases the likelihood that the stuff you're looking for is going to get caught in the zipper.

Inside the bag lies the smaller Max Pack Bag, GOBAG's self-described "killer feature". And while I'm not sure that's the best word choice to use in discussing an item intended to be carried on an airplane these days, I will admit the TPU-coated nylon insert is pretty cool. Its integrated vacuum check valve can compress all packed soft goods either with an attached vacuum hose, or by hand. A nice bonus for those of us who could stand to press, roll, and scrunch out all of our pent-up tension before heading to the airport. Here's a GIF of the Max Pack Bag in action.

Also included with the full GOBAG set is a detachable clear wash bag. An alternative to your quart-sized plastic for liquids, this reusable bag Velcros to the GOBAG's inside flap for easy removable and reattachment at TSA checkpoints. An adaptable laptop harness, large enough to hold an 11" to 15" device, rounds out the duffel's features

GOBAG outer dimensions are: 19.7" x 13.8" x 7.9". They are available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter through June 23, 2015.

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