FlexSafe Packable Travel Vault

Posted: May 03, 2017
FlexSafe Packable Travel Vault
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Why a FlexSafe? Because of that one time when I was Floaty Pantsin' around a pool full of women's beach volleyball players and didn't notice some punk kid snatch my bag. My wallet. My phone. My keys. My Ziplocs of granola and refreshing frozen grapes! AquaVault made their packable FlexSafe to thwart Theivy McThieversons at the pool, and anywhere your summer excursions may take you.

The FlexSafe has a universal locking flap that slings and secures over beach furniture, bikes, strollers, golf carts, whatever you got that's strong enough to support a hanging bag, and is itself not so susceptible to being snatched and hauled off. FlexSafes are made of slash- and water-resistant nylon that folds up to the size of a softball when not in use. Their combination locks are user-programmable.

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