Duluth Bushcrafter Pack

Posted: June 14, 2015
Duluth Bushcrafter Pack

Going Bushcrafter is pricey. Is it worth it? Someone who can get past the pricey part (i.e., someone other than myself) will have to provide the full report on Duluth's Bushcrafter Pack, but in the interim, I can tell you it looks staunch and sturdy and ready to load up anything from your laptop and books to your Bunyan axe and firewood.

Duluth uses 15-ounce canvas as the base of Bushcrafter Pack construction, adding leather/canvas shoulder straps, an adjustable sternum strap, a removable waist belt, and an 18" long axe sleeve. Which, if you don't happen to be carrying an axe on a regular basis, I'm sure can double as a lightsaber transporter. For load stabilization, the bag incorporates 3 nylon webbing side compression straps with quick release buckles. These also make it possible to increase or decrease total pack capacity according to varying space needs. Flapped front Bushcrafter pockets and 2 folding saw pockets further functionality and complete the look.

Total Bushcrafter Pack capacity is 3,625 cubic inches, plus accessory pockets. Duluth sells the US-made bags in 15 different colors.

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