Door to Bag End - Hobbit-Hole Leather Bag

Posted: August 30, 2014
Bag End Hobbit-Hole Leather Bag
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Bag End has had a long and distinguished life. First the hobbit-hole served as home to Bilbo Baggins. Then Frodo. Then Sam and Rosie and however many generations of Gamgees plowed on in the Hobbiton after them. And now, thanks to Riccardo and Carlia of Forgiantica Leather, Bag End serves as a home to wallets. Keys. Phones. Lipstick. E-cigs and vaporizers.

Not really the best way for the LOTR icon to go out at the top of its game, but at least it's still making itself useful.

Both the shape and design of Bag End's door transform pretty seamlessly into a ladies' purse, and Forgiantica Leather has done a pretty good job of replicating them in hand- carved, tooled, and painted leather. The Italian duo even includes the Rune of Gandalf in UV light-sensitive paint for added authenticity and effect. Each Bag End bag is made to order, and no two will be identical. Measurements are 10.4" in diameter and 2.3" deep.

Muchas danke to Geek Alerts.

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