Bluesmart One Smart Luggage

Posted: November 19, 2016
Bluesmart One Smart Luggage
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In theory the Bluesmart One is the most versatile suitcase you can drag behind you through the airport terminal and plop down next you at the gate. The piece of smart luggage has built-in niftiness that allows it to connect wirelessly to your smartphone for automatic bag tracking, locking, and weighing. BlueSmart One also has a charging dock with 2 x USB ports for charging phones and tablets at your feet. No more racing that dude with a cane to the last chair at D24 because it's next to an outlet.

Again, though, in theory.

Bluesmart One has some of the most mixed reviews I've seen. A slew of thumbs up, and a smaller, but an equally convincing, slew thumbs down...and middle fingers up. Those who love the Bluesmart One rave about its usefulness for business travel. At 22" x 14" x 9", with a 34L storage capacity, the bag is sized as an international carry-on best suited for 2- to 3-day trips. A digital lock that activates using your phone provides the first level of stuff security, while the case's SIM-card-based 3G + GPS tracking adds another. You can lock / unlock the bag remotely, as well as set it to auto-lock if you get separated from it. BlueSmart has partnered with Telefonica for tracking services, which enable you to locate your suitcase anywhere in the world without a subscription or fees.

Bluesmart One's built-in scale is in the suitcase's handle, and sends poundage data to to the phone app. Finally, the company notes the bag's TSA-compliant 10,000 mAh battery can charge a smartphone, tablet, or ebook up to six times.

This last feature is what has gotten Bluesmart the bulk of its negative feedback. A few travelers have reported that the "TSA-compliant" battery has actually gotten them 10 kinds of shit from the TSA, especially during international travel. At the very least, they say they've been flagged at security and had to stop and open the bag, or go through more personal screening. Some also report the battery's significant underperformance. One reviewer says she can barely get it to charge her phone to 85% once, much less 6 times.

Further battery woes enter when the Bluesmart One doesn't fit in the overhead bin on smaller planes / regional flights because you actually can't check this bag. I didn't know it before now, but airlines do not allow lithium batteries to fly below, and the Bluesmart One's battery isn't removable. Indeed, a very poor design flaw.

Given that the season of airport chaos is upon us, I do think having suitcase with the perks Bluesmart One offers would add some smoothness and peace of mind to travel days. But it has to be practical. And it has to do what it say it do. I'm going to pass for now, but if your interested has been piqued, follow the "Check It Out" above and read more.

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