Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Bag

By: on October 24, 2014
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What we have on our hands could be the Coolest Cooler of the travel industry. Bluesmart is a hard-shelled carry-on bag with Bluetooth connectivity that will enable you toting trip goers to do things like lock and unlock the case, check its weight, and track its every move right from your phone or tablet.

In tandem with the Bluesmart app you'll be able command your carry-ons in the following ways:

  • Lock and unlock the suitcase. Further, Bluesmart will automatically lock itself when separated from you, and you can choose to share access with others if you want. The bag's lock is TSA-approved.
  • Weigh your bag with the Bluesmart's built-in digital scale. Pull the handle and the app will let you know if you're over, under, or Baby Bear.
  • Device charging. The bag also has a built-in battery to keep the phone you're using to control it all juiced up. Bluesmart's battery is powerful enough to charge 2 devices, including smartphones, tablets, and ebooks, at the same time.
  • Track your bag. Get its geolocation anywhere in the world (you know I have to say it...even Abu Dhabi) either from the app or on the Bluesmart website.

Bluesmart also tracks travelers' trip data and trends with real-time reports on miles covered and airports visited, plus provides optional distance alerts and Bluesmart location with a proximity heat map. Whoa. Dude. This bag may have just jumped from neat piece of luggage to Globetrotting Nerd's carry-on soulmate.

Bluesmart is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo through November 24, 2014. At printing they had raised over $400,000 of their $50,000 funding goal. So, yeah, a lot like the Coolest in its ability to stir up a mass frenzy of people throwing money at it too.

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