Betabrand Storrist Pack

Posted: May 17, 2015
Betabrand Storrist Pack

Currently sloshing around in Betabrand's Think Tank*: the Storrist Pack, by professional photographer, cyclist, and Scotsman Sandy Carson. In answer to the call of his own EDC needs, Carson created a backpack that can consolidate DSLR equipment and personal belongings into a single bag comfortable enough to two-wheel around town in tow. Also, the bottom compartment is the perfect size for a 6-pack. Even better, collapse the Storrist's middle shelf to turn it into one giant duffel bag, and it's the perfect size for four 12-packs of PBR. Maybe the Scots should design all the world's carrying cases.

In segmented form, the main top compartment of the Storrist Pack is designed to hold up to a 15" laptop and frequently accessed items a bike commuter or someone cycling the hell out of town for a weekend might need. A larger bottom compartment accommodates camera gear, the aforementioned 6-pack, or perhaps the Volcano my friend Cornelius recently purchased with the money he's been saving from not having a girlfriend like I do.

Storrist Pack straps are sized to hold anything from a yoga mat to a mid-sized tripod, and the bag has a U-lock holder on the bottom for easy access. Fabric is a water-resistant polyurethane-coated twill with a reinforced rubberized bottom. The top secures roll-up style with a Velcro strap. Storage capacity is 48 L.

*Betabrand's self-run crowdfunding department.

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