5.11 Tactical Overwatch Carry On

Posted: September 02, 2015
5.11 Tactical Overwatch Carry On
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What's your day looking like? Office or forest? Typing or pulling the trigger? 5.11 Tactical's Overwatch Carry On bag was designed to carry your suit. And when you don't need your suit, it will wrap up and secure your rifle instead. Note: But I would call it, and use it as, a Carry On only when it's carrying the former. The duffel is made from weather-resistant nylon built to withstand everything from the luggage handlers' tosses and drops at the airport to a weekend mission to hunt down the star ingredient of Oktoberfest dinner's Hasenpfeffer.

The Overwatch Carry On has a 49-liter total capacity, distributed amongst a center main compartment featuring a roll-down garment bag, and a pair of 10" x 10" x 3" side compartments. The duffel also contains an integrated shooter's mat for use as a stable firing platform while the garment storage compartment's cinch-down straps can secure a compact assault rifle when they're not keeping your suit jacket tidy.

A detachable shoulder strap and grab-and-go handle provide a couple of differing schlepping options; both are reinforced for durability.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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