3D Printed Voronoi Bag

Posted: August 16, 2014
3D Printed Voronoi Bag
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Voronoi diagrams are a mathematical means of division. Once a set region is established the Voronoi-er plants points, or seeds, on it to divide the region into smaller regions, or Voronoi cells. Each seed has its own corresponding cell, determined by unique distances of the cell's boundaries to/from its seed. Um...yeah.... Anyway, according to Voronoi Bag designer Thingfuture, these diagrams are used by a wide range of fields, including anthropology to describe regions of cultural influence, and economists to reflect US markets.

Here though, the Voronoi effect serves to make a purse. It's a bag 3D-printed out of white nylon plastic with a matte finish and slightly grainy feel. Ladies can use it to haul around their wallets and phones and implements of beautification, and men can use it to...give as a Gift for a Woman">gift to a lady.

I would also add that despite their creation in accordance with rules of logic, Voronoi Bags have a haphazard, frenetic aesthetic. One that stirs up just enough anxiety that I think I need to go smoke a bowl now.

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