Woodstone Natural Wood Watches

By: on October 27, 2016
  • Woodstone Natural Wood Watches
  • Woodstone Natural Wood Watches
  • Woodstone Natural Wood Watches
  • Woodstone Natural Wood Watches
  • Woodstone Natural Wood Watches
$120 - $145
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Spending the better part of a decade living across the world, from Sydney to Shanghai, California to Istanbul, taught Woodstone Watch creators Enes Ulutas and Fatih Cigdem that, for all the feats of design and tech out there, the world's finest and most comforting offerings are also its simplest and most natural. Their line of men's and women's wood watches build upon their belief that wood spreads this warmth and connection to nature, and that "when treated with attention and passion...wood can take almost any shape.

All Woodstone Watches are crafted with natural, untreated woods sourced for their durability and distinct beauty. Men's Explorer and Troy series watches, and women's Grace and Queen series watches come in Rosewood, Black Sandalwood, Green Sandalwood, and Maple. Woodstone appreciates that each wood, and each cut of wood, has different markings and patterns, so no two watches will be identical in appearance. They hope those of you looking for a classic, yet standout timepiece, either for yourself or as a gift, will appreciate their watches' individuality too.

Woodstone chooses Swiss-made Ronda quartz movements for their watches. Aside from the movement, watch face, hardened scratch-proof glass cover, and gold-plated stainless steel butterfly clasp, watches are made of 100% wood. They are hypoallergenic. Also, wood being an absorbent material, a Woodstone watch will soak up any moisture from your wrist during wear, helping it to maintain its healthy, "living" look.

Ready to take a walk in the Woodstone? Click here to check out the company's complete collection of men's and women's watches. For those still basking in sunny weather, or headed towards it for winter vacation, Woodstone also applies their woody ethos and care to a line of sunglasses here.

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