Vaporizer + Bong Hydrology9 - 4/20 Special

Posted: April 14, 2018
Vaporizer + Bong Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

Cloudious9 is running its first ever 4/20 sale! You'll get a $121 savings on the 420 bundle, which includes the Hydrology9 vaporizer-bong hybrid, a genuine leather case, and a replacement glass tube for $199. But you've got just a few days to inhale this deal before it dissipates, dudes.

In gentleman's terms, Cloudious9's Hydrology9 is a liquid filtration vaporizer. But if I pulled the portable pipe alternative out of my bag at a Colorado- or Washington-based festival, I'd probably just say, "Check out my bongorizer, dude."

The Hydrology9 combines the engineering of a waterpipe with that of a vaporizer to create an herbal chemical reaction Cloudious9 feels you'll feel adds at least 5 more "O"s to the word "smooth." A hit from the Hydrology9 shouldn't just go down smooth, it should go down smoooooooth.

In use, the Hydrology9's bong properties - a center water chamber - team up with the calibrated heat settings controlling the 0.7" x 0.4" porcelain vaporizer chamber to further cool and filter your incoming smoke. It also adds a little bit of humidity to the vapor to elicit a Bond-meets-Barry-White effect on your throat and lungs. Yep, again, smoooooooth.

While not exactly pocket-portable, the Hydrology9's 6.9" length is manageable enough that it won't restrict you to at-home vaping. And even once it's filled, as this Gizmodo review points out, with "nasty bong water," the Hydrology9 remains leakproof courtesy of a magnetic, borosilicate glass mouthpiece with built-in valve. The vape-bong resists bumps and jostles with an anodized aluminum alloy body rated "space grade," the same rating I hope my body achieves after a session with the Hydrology9.

For further specs on Hydrology9 composition and heat settings, information on how to use it, and to get your lips on a vaporizer-bong hybrid of your own, click here to head over to the Cloudious9 online store.

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