TIHK Covert Ops Evade & Escape Multi Tool

By: on May 17, 2017
  • TIHK Covert Ops Evade & Escape Multi Tool
  • TIHK Covert Ops Evade & Escape Multi Tool
  • TIHK Covert Ops Evade & Escape Multi Tool
  • TIHK Covert Ops Evade & Escape Multi Tool
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From TIHK: Are you ready for the sh*t to hit the proverbial fan? Survival in an urban environment is complex. You may not be getting chased by bears (although never say never), but the range of threats you can face in an urban setting is still wide and unpredictable. To be prepared it is crucial that you have the proper tools with you at all times. We created the TIHK EvadeClip for just that purpose.

The integrated clip enables easy attachment to clothing or gear, so you can clip it on and forget about it until you need it (check out the GIF). It's important that in an urban disaster you are able to move quickly and quietly, so the EvadeClip has been engineered to add very little extra bulk to your everyday carry; each tool within has been miniaturized as much as possible while still retaining its function.

Maybe it's anarchy in the streets, or maybe your ex changed the locks while you were at work - whatever your emergency, the EvadeClip has the tools to literally help you out (or in). Forget the combo to your gym locker padlock? The carbide grit rod saw can cut right through metal with a little elbow grease. The robust cord saw is ideal for cutting ropes and cords, so whether you've really been tied up by a bad guy or you did such a great job tying a knot that you can't get it undone again, the cord saw is your tool. If you're the anxious type who holds your breath a little whenever you drive over a bridge, the carbide glass breaker is here for you. A strategic smack or two to your car window can save you from the unthinkable. Finally, there's the 3-piece lockpick set made of heat-treated stainless steel. (We strongly recommend that you use it only on locks that belong to you or that you have permission to pick.) We've included a couple of the most common and useful lock picks (a half-diamond pick and a w-rake) plus a tensioner, so those with the know-how have a better option than "break down the door" if they lock their keys inside on a busy morning. Get your TIHK EvadeClip Now.

EvadeClip SPECS:

  • Stainless Steel (301 1/2 hard) tensioner, two picks and rope saw
  • Carbide coated grit rod saw
  • Tungsten carbide glass break tip
  • Overall Size: 2.56" (65mm) long x 0.55" (14mm) wide x 0.49" (12.5mm) thick
  • Total Weight: 0.3 ounces (9 grams) - less than 4 pennies
  • Polypropylene homopolymer body with integrated clip and hinge

Note: This product is subject to compliance with Local, State & Federal Regulations.

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