The Reel-Quik Hitch

Posted: November 12, 2017
The Reel-Quik Hitch

Hitchrific designed their Reel-Quick Hitch to eliminate the Rumpelstiltskin effect from your trailer hookup efforts: no more bulging eyes, no more swearing, and no more frustration so extreme so you stomp yourself right through the earth and disappear in a fiery rage. The extendable hitching system makes it possible to get your trailer hooked up the first time, every time. And without the back and shoulder strain of trying to finagle your equipment those last few inches into place.

The Reel-Quik Hitch connects to your vehicle's existing hitch. There it allows you to extend the hitch ball outward so you can position it precisely beneath your trailer coupler without having to back your vehicle up to precisely the right spot beneath it. Once the trailer is attached, a Reel-Quik cranking handle and leverage mechanism will assist you in pulling the ball and trailer into a locked towing position.

Unlike a back-up camera, the RQH works in the dark and in the glare of the sun, plus cuts you some slack if your vehicle rolls a little from your intended spot after you put it in park. Check out the video in the gallery above for a demo.

Hitchrific intends the Reel-Quik Hitch to make hoookups a safe and simple one-man job. In addition to trailers you can use the tool to attach hitch steps and other receiver accessories, such as bike racks and cargo carriers. The RQH also attaches to ATVs / UTVs.

A Reel-Quik Hitch has a Class III towing capacity of 6,000 pounds for gross trailer weight, and 600 pounds for tongue weight. The ball adjusts in any direction and any increment up to 15".

Outdoorsmen, weekend adventurers, and anyone who needs a Hitchrific for their father, brother, uncle, or husband can click here to read more about and purchase their own Reel-Quick Hitch.

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