SmoothTech|Pro Male Hair Removal System

Posted: January 31, 2017
SmoothTech|Pro Male Hair Removal System
$39.99 - $79.99
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Would you rather show up to the first day of summer with labradoodle chest, or get caught using your girlfriend's kiwi-vanilla-scented wax strips? SmoothTech|Pro votes neither. Would you rather spend a couple days every week nicking up your legs in the shower, or deal with the mess and pain of picking follicles from flayed skin the next time you skid yourself some road rash during a bike ride? SmoothTech|Pro is your alternative to both. A hair removal system developed specifically for men, SmoothTech|Pro aims to help the bushy achieve bareness without irritation, bumps, or ingrown hairs.

SmoothTech|Pro differentiates itself from single-action products by employing a core 2-Step system to hair removal. Step 1, ELIMINATE, is a moisturizing lotion that both removes hair, and exfoliates and cleanses skin prior to the process. It gets rid of excess oil, dirt, and impurities, sloughing the way for key ingredients to "smart target" only the protein keratin in the hair, and not the water-band keratin in the skin. SmoothTech|Pro says this attention reduces transepidermal water loss and helps prevent irritation.

Step 2 in the removal process is REDUCE, which applies the plant Larrea Divaricata directly into now-follicle-free pores to disrupt regrowth, and slow down new stubble formation. REDUCE also has soothing, hydrating, and collagen-stimulating ingredients. SmoothTech|Pro believes their equal focus on hair removal and skin care results not only in better looking, but also better feeling skin.

SmoothTech|Pro's end-to-end hair removal systems come in 2-Step, 2-Step Advanced, and Complete Kits. 2-Step Kits include the ELIMINATE Shower Off Hair Removal Lotion and the REDUCE Regrowth Minimizer. Advanced Kits add SmoothTech|Pro's Wingman Back Applicator and an exfoliating washcloth. The Complete kit includes all of the above, plus PREVENT ingrown hair and blemish prevention solution, and SCRUB power wash.

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