Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels

Posted: September 21, 2016
Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels

It's too good of a line to pass up: Shark Wheel creator David Patrick has reinvented the wheel. At least for all the skaters out there. For the observer, skateboard and longboard Shark Wheels appear to be 6-sided squares in their side view, and 3D sine waves undulating along from the back. The design almost exactly mimics the shape of a shark's jaw. For the rider on top, Shark Wheels feel like perfect cylinders. Perfect cylinders whose performance is game-changing.

Shark Wheel 70mm, 78a durometer Sidewinder Wheels are built for longboarders of all levels. In motion they deliver advantages such as:

  • Safe, smoother rolling over rough terrain. Sidewinders' sine wave pattern pushes typical obstacles, ranging from pebbles to dirt to water, away laterally as the wheels cross them so you don't have to cut and swerve to avoid them, or risk wiping out.
  • Significantly less friction with ground contact to reduce rolling resistance, and increase wheel speed. Instead of repeated pushes, Sidewinders will gain speed instantly.
  • 15% longer cruising times, since Shark Wheels have multiple center points, and so take longer to wear out.
  • Sliding. Less friction = easier slides. And Shark Wheels' 3 lips = more grab. The company notes that, "Cruising, fast cruising, freeride, and fast freeride is the sweetspot for the Sidewinders."

In addition to the Transparent Blue Sidewinders you see above, and can get here, the 70mm rolling jaws for longboards come in your choice of 8 other colors. You can also check out Shark Wheels' radical cubical skateboard wheels and complete boards in the online store here. And--someone hand me a cowbell and a bullhorn--ATTENTION DUDE-READING SKATERS AND THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS THEREOF! You lucky ducks sharks can get 30% off all Shark Wheel orders using the discount code Dude30 at checkout.

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