Romance of Men Illusion Damascus Folding Pocket Knife

Posted: March 20, 2020
Romance of Men Illusion Damascus Folding Pocket Knife

How to complete your Romance of Men? Try an Illusion. An Illusion that enthralls and intrigues with 83 layers of VG10 Damascus steel, and a swirling stabilized wood handle. An Illusion that makes these folding pocket knives look similar to one another, but with patterns and flourishes distinct to themselves, such that each knife becomes an entirely unique piece of EDC.

The bladesmiths at Romance of Men called this folding pocket knife in their Damascus series the "Illusion" because when they looked at its blade and handle patterns, they saw the illusion of a starry night. (A starry night, I'd add, that cuts right through the sky to eyes of any gazers, given the strength and sharpness the Illusion exhibits in its bamboo-stalk-annihilating video.)

Romance of Men handmakes their Illusion pocket knives with an overall length of 7". They extend 3.9" when the 3.1" assisted open blades are closed. Total weight of this Illusion isn't 0, but at just 3 ounces it's close.

New customers, including not just seekers of the Illusion Damascus Folding Pocket Knife, but any of the striking knives and swords in the Romance of Men online store, will receive a 20% discount on their purchase when they sign up for the Romance of men newsletter.

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