RhinoShield Playproof Protective Case

By: on August 26, 2016
$24.99 - $29.99
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From screen covers, to rim bumpers to the full iPhone case you see here, Evolutive Labs' RhinoShield began its quest to protect your iPhone from bumps, scratches, drops, and aggressive jungle beasts in 2013. Their original adhesive screen cover blew up on Kickstarter, and eventually led to the RhinoShield Crash Guard, a protective phone bumper, and the full, strong-as-an-odd-toed-ungulate Playproof Case you see here.

Available for all models of iPhone 6, the Playproof Case is built with Shockspread technology that can absorb impacts of 11' or more. No more will phone fumbles--or even phone chucks across the room by an angry girlfriend--spell the end of your pristine edges, or scramble your device's brain into disarray.

The Playproof Case has a hybrid construction of hard and soft shells formed by Evolutive Labs' own polymer blend. The soft inner shell uses Eggdrop technology, a honeycomb structure that suspends the iPhone inside the case, while the hard outer shell combats external impacts. Despite this double layer of protection and rugged performance, the case itself is under 2mm thick, and weighs 26 grams for the iPhone 6 and 33 grams for the 6 Plus. It also follows the precise contour of its iPhone's aluminum body, so there is no superfluous bulk during carry or use. All phone buttons remain fully functional and accessible with a Playproof in place. It is also compatible with headphones and third party charging accessories.

Playproof's slim, sleek aesthetic gets a further boost from weekly case design releases, made using Evolutive Labs' 2.5D printer.

Up for RhinoShield-ing your phone from unsavory elements? Click here to get a Playproof Case of your own.

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