RhinoShield Crash Guard Phone Bumper

Posted: July 07, 2016
RhinoShield Crash Guard Phone Bumper
$19.99 - $24.99
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It sucks when Shaquille O'Neal finally agrees to give you a ride on his shoulders, and then as soon as you climb up there, you drop your phone. But at least with a RhinoShield Crash Guard in place all you'll be cursing is the missed opportunity to post a sweet Vine. Your phone itself will emerge from the fall uncracked and unscathed. (Even, if you have a RhinoShield Screen Protector in place too, if Shaq decides to stomp on it.)

Despite measuring just 2.5mm thick, and weighing in at a mere 12 grams, the Crash Guard can absorb the impact of drops up to 11', and beyond. Check out the crash tests in the video above, and click here to get a RhinoShield bumper of your own.

Crash Guards protect phones from the consequences of owners who bump, slip, and lose their grip with a custom polymer blend composition that's woven into a honeycomb structure. The polymer accounts for more than 90% of the bumpers' ability to absorb impact, while the honeycomb configuration, cells filled with pressurized air that thwart incoming force, adds an additional 10% to 15%. A matte finish sets you up for good hand traction during phone use, plus makes the bumper itself harder to scratch.

RhinoShield Crash Guards are available in fits for iPhone versions 5 and newer, and most Android devices. The bumpers add minimal bulk, as well as a choice of 13 different colors of minimalist style. You'll keep full access to your buttons and ports during use.

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