Plan B Edmonton Watch

Posted: October 31, 2016
The Plan B Watch
  • The Plan B Watch
  • Plan B Edmonton Watch
  • Plan B Edmonton Watch
  • Plan B Edmonton Watch
  • Plan B Edmonton Watch
  • Plan B Edmonton Watch
$150 - $160
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Think back a couple of weeks--that is if, unlike me, your memory still goes that far--to the Plan B Watches you might have seen here. Launched as a Kickstarter project, the Edmonton Watch from Plan B has since clocked over 250% of its funding goal, and in the campaign's final week is moving towards an Edmonton Noir stretch goal that will unlock a black-on-black...on-black version of the timepiece. Black brushed steel dial, custom black date window, black leather band. At least until the lights go off. Then the Edmonton's hands and time hashes light up green. Check out a GIF here.

As a recap, here's the rundown on Plan B from its co-creator, Canadian entrepreneur Quentin Trudeau.

According to Trudeau and his design partner, Swiss timepiece veteran Vikentiy Gryaznov, "Every gentleman needs a Plan B when things get out of hand." And he needs it fast, because tempus fugit, dudes. In addition to its vintage trio of faces and bulk-free feel, the Plan B Edmonton converts from a casual daily and weekend watch with a dyed canvas / leather strap to a more formal piece with a mesh stainless steel band in seconds. Both the stainless band and a removal tool are included in the Plan B package.

The Edmonton's look is a descendant of mid-20th-century European watchmaking, with an expertly crafted, easily readable dial accented by several textural layers and volumetric face elements. The case is matte, its hands are brushed, and other Plan B elements are polished.

Special pricing for Kickstarter backers is around $150 (depending on the CAD-USD exchange rate when you pledge) which you'll have access to through November 9, 2016.

Click here to score a Plan B of your own in Silver, Gold, or Black.

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