PLAISIR des SENS - The Future of Sex Is Here

By: on October 20, 2016
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PLAISIR des SENS, a warmed personal lubricant formulated for intensified sexy sensations during intense sexy interactions, describes itself as "The Pleasure Product for the Modern Man." So I figured I better do some research on what it means to be a Modern Man to see if I qualify to PLAISIR des SENS myself. According to one source--the extent of my research--a modern man: makes his bed; has a nice watch; has perfected the half Windsor; and lives with a sense of adventure, and a vision of where he wants the future to take him.

Yep. Definitely me...ish.

But I don't think PLAISIR des SENS really cares about hospital corners and neckties. Unless they're also part of your plan to take pleasure to a new level. The PLAISIR des SENS focus is on heightening your sexual experience with a sleek, streamlined warming device and the smooth-as-a-buttered-piece-of-glass lubricant tucked inside it.

The cylindrical PLAISIR des SENS dispenser is dark and discreet, a quiet addition to your nightstand atop its wireless charging pad. At least until you press the arcing gold button on top, and release the toasty potion inside it. Then things might get a little...less quiet. PLAISIR des SENS lubricant is an all-natural emollient designed to be as accommodating to the inside of your body as it is to the outside. It's even edible (and, they say, dee-licious!) After the fun has climaxed, the lubricant absorbs into your skin, with no sticky coating or mess to clean up left behind.

PLAISIR des SENS shares its powers of warmed arousal with both your trigger zones and hers. PLAISIR masters note that "Applying warmth increases blood flow to her erogenous zones triggering lubrication and relaxation so you both can get to the main event faster." The extra heat will make foreplay hotter too.

Is your curiosity aroused? Then click here and get an even warmer, sexier surprise made special just for Dude readers: 20% off the pledge price of a PLAISIR des SENS device, plus a year's supply of formula.

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