PATRON Margarita Smart Coaster by Barsys

Posted: September 01, 2020

For your precise, consistent, and immense blue agave sipping pleasure, Barsys has teamed tequila-ed up with PATRON for their latest tech-infused cocktail venture, the PATRON Margarita Smart Coaster. Based on their original mini mixologist for your tabletop, the PATRON Margarita Smart Coaster is a limited-edition kit that walks users through every step of constructing the perfect margarita, or any other cocktail they have a thirst for.

To craft your PATRON margarita, place a glass or pitcher on the Smart Coaster and open the Barsys app for an ingredient list. The Coaster lights up to indicate when to begin pouring, and then changes color when it's time to stop and move onto the next ingredient. The same goes for the additional PATRON tequila cocktail recipes in the Barsys app, or any other drinks you want to make to taste "exactly as they would at a cocktail bar in Manhattan."

The Barsys-PATRON collaboration comes at a time when staying in rather than going out for good sips and good times is reaching an all-time high. The PATRON Margarita Smart Coaster endeavors to raise the Bar...sys for at-home entertaining once again. Click here to learn more about the Coaster, and get one of your own from Barsys before the PATRON edition runs dry.

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