Over the Line Party Game

Posted: November 27, 2016
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Free beer. Road Head. Midget Tossing. Twerking. Crop Duster. Manscaping. Naked Grandma. These are the heart and soul of Over the Line, a hilarious party game that combines Charades, Pictionary, and Urban Dictionary. Players pick cards that contain words based on pop culture, race, religion, sex, and bodily fluids, and must choose either to act out or draw their selection. When teammates guess "Dick in a Box" or "I bone sheep" right in 90 seconds or less, they get a point.

Along with the shame of knowing their dirty, tactless minds live Over the Line.

The game includes 350 "Mother approved" acting / drawing cards, plus a dry erase board, marker, and timer. Click here to head over the Amazon and liven up your next party going Over the Line yourself.

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