OSO Firm/Soft Combo Mattress

By: on July 13, 2016
  • OSO Firm/Soft Combo Mattress
  • OSO Firm/Soft Combo Mattress
  • OSO Firm/Soft Combo Mattress
  • OSO Firm/Soft Combo Mattress
  • OSO Firm/Soft Combo Mattress
  • OSO Firm/Soft Combo Mattress
$700 - $1k
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"Oso" means "bear" in Spanish, which is fitting because the OSO is for all of you baby bears out there who want a mattress that's juuuust right.

OSOs are essentially 2 mattresses in one. One end is firm, and the other soft. You can switch between the two and find your preferred comfort level simply by rotating (not flipping) the mattress 180 degrees.

Or you could be a rebel bear and sleep at the foot of the bed.

OSO says your body can adjust to its dual-ended design because your shoulders and hips are much pickier about support than your knees and feet. OSO focuses its firm or soft support on the shoulders, the lower back, and the hips, enabling a split construction that can accommodate most sleepers' needs and preferences.

Some other characteristics that contribute to OSO's just rightness include:

  • Natural latex foam construction, with latex dream cells on the soft end. To the hot sleepers out there, latex has your back. And, since the breathable material doesn't trap body heat, will make sure you don't wake up with it covered in sweat.
  • Unfussy setup. OSO is as happy on the floor as it is on a box spring or bed frame.
  • Free home delivery, in a box that will actually fit through your door and around that 90-degree turn in your stairwell.
  • Handles on the bottom for easy moving and rotating.
  • A 101-night promise. Try OSO at home for 101 nights. If you're not sympatico with either end, you can return it for a full refund.
  • A 10-year warranty when you do hang onto your OSO night's sleep.

One last bit of OSO comfort to help you sleep well: Dude readers who purchase an OSO will receive $50 off any size mattress, Twin through California King. Click here to head over to OSO's online store, and enter the code Dude at checkout.